Partner Pharmacies

Best Health Solution Partner Pharmacy Model provides Aged Care Facilities with a safe, uniform and streamlined Medication Management System.

Partner Pharmacies are given the software and hardware tools and are trained by our team to follow the Best Health Solutions policies and procedures.

They have access to BESTpack which has:

  1. Direct link to BESTdose (Electronic Administration System)
  2. Superior to any other packaging program on the market
  3. Integrates with all Best Health Solutions Hardware
  4. Integrates with any Clinical Care System
  5. Variety of audits and reporting tools to enhance Pharmacy and Facility quality control
  6. Access to Neutron
  7. Automated dispensing
  8. Automated account generation with electronic billing statements
  9. Generates numerous reporting that assist Aged Care Facilities in Medication Management including

Partner Pharmacies also get access to the Latest Best Health Solutions Hardware Technology

  1. State of the Art Packaging Machines
  2. Ability to accommodate any Pharmacy, sizes vary from 260 to 500 drug canisters
  3. 100% Smart Canisters
  4. Barcode scanning technology to ensure correct medication is filled
  5. Non-stop packaging, canisters requiring refilling are brought to the front for replenishment without stopping the packaging process, reducing manual handling and reducing errors
  6. Accommodates up to 500 different drugs
  7. High packing speed, packaging up to 2 Residents per minute. As an example a 120 bed Facility would take 1 hour to complete, while manual packing would take a whole day with increased chance of errors

Latest Medication Verification Technology

  1. Takes a photo of every single dose from front and back for data comparison
  2. Checks up to 5400 doses per hour
  3. Checks 13 different parameters of the drug, including size, shape, colour, weight and markings
  4. Proven decrease in error rate, far superior to any verification product on the market
  5. Doses with suspected errors are flagged and the photo is saved into a separate file and can be viewed on the screen