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Yuyama has always been the leader in the history of medication packing machines ever since the company was established in 1964. “Pursuing the originality” is Yuyama's consistent policy of product development which succeeded and continues to succeed today. Their products have become the market’s standard continue to lead the market and recognised as “history of packing machine is history of Yuyama”.

Yuyama was founded in 1964 in Osaka, Japan. It is a 48 year old company specializing in medical and pharmaceutical automation. It is the largest Pharmacy Automation Company worldwide and is the first company to introduce an automated prescription filling machine to the market. Yuyama continues to gain market share while those of competitors are declining. Driven by innovation, Yuyama machines prove to be exceptionally reliable, user-friendly, and safe. Also recognised for superior service, Yuyama is a market leader in the evolution of pharmacy automation. Yuyama Australia’s mission is to lead the evolution of pharmacy automation through innovation, integrity, and unrivalled customer satisfaction... Installed and trusted globally, Yuyama automated pharmaceutical equipment is designed to dramatically improve the service and efficiency of your pharmacy. Yuyama has worldwide operations in USA, Japan, EU, Korea, China, Taiwan, and Saudi Arabia. It is the largest pharmaceutical automation company globally.


The story starts in a garage in the Frisian village of Waskemeer. It’s in this garage that founder Gerrit Baarda (1969) and Ed van den Brand (1959) started up ZiuZ in 2002, developing innovative software using visual intelligence. Baarda has a technical background and was programmer for IBM when the first legacy systems using internet technology were being developed. In 1999, he took his first steps in the entrepreneurial world and set up an outsourcing company covering the North of the Netherlands. The knowledge and skills gained during his studies and employment with IBM, and his experience as a business man ultimately led to the establishment of ZiuZ.

ZiuZ is now a leading innovative company in the development and application of visual intelligence in high-grade technology and a commercial company with a socially responsible attitude. Ziuz products contribute to solving medication checking issues for the medical world.


Apotex Inc. was founded in 1974, and is the largest Canadian-owned pharmaceutical company. From its 2 employees, 5,000 square foot beginning, the company has grown to employ over 6,500 people in research, development, manufacturing and distribution facilities world-wide. The Canadian operations of the Apotex Group of Companies with 5,000 employees now occupy over 3 million square feet in Montreal, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brantford, Windsor, Winnipeg, London, Calgary and Vancouver. Apotex produces more than 300 generic pharmaceuticals in approximately 4,000 dosages and formats which, in Canada, are used to fill over 89 million prescriptions a year - the largest amount of any pharmaceutical company in this country.

Apotex has also established a presence through subsidiaries, joint ventures or licensing agreements in Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Turkey, and the UK, to name just a few. Healthcare professionals around the world rely on Apotex for quality and value.

The worldwide sales of the Apotex Group of companies exceed $2 billion (Canadian $) per year.

Apotex Pty Ltd is the Australian subsidiary of the Apotex Group of Companies. As a vertically integrated global company, Apotex has both the ability and the commitment to provide Australians with high quality, low cost generic medicines.

As part of its ongoing pledge to community pharmacy in Australia, Apotex has a trained and experienced sales team that is supported by global expertise. The company works diligently to identify both local and individual needs, while providing tailored solutions aimed at successfully building and supporting the business of pharmacy.

Apotex is committed to Australia and will continually strive to provide the widest possible access to affordable medicines for all Australians by advancing generics.

Pos Solutions

POS Solutions was founded in 1983 by Bernard Zimmermann and Zac Varga, who saw the potential of personal computers in Australian businesses. POS Solutions was amongst the first in Australia to incorporate barcode technology into their software. From these beginnings, POS Solutions has grown into one of Australia's leading and most popular Retail Management Systems.

Incorporating Point of Sale, VIP Loyalty, Debtor systems, Dispensing integration and much more, POS Solutions now provide solutions to many marketplaces, including Pharmacy, Newsagency, Gift Shops, Pet Shops, Cafes, Restaurants and many more!
POS Solutions is also a leader in Multi-Store systems with reporting, customer and stock management possible from a central location.

Fully Australian owned and operated, POS Solutions have a reputation for keeping their software at the cutting edge of development, often being the first to adopt new technologies and innovations, giving their clients every possible advantage.