Aged Care

Best Health Solutions has a proven track record in delivering a quality service, quality product and a safe Medication Management System that not only complies with Standard 2.7 but exceeds expectations. Benefits include but are not limited to:

  1. Overs 20 years’ experience with supply of Aged Care and Hospitals
  2. Personal service that is tailored to Facilities needs
  3. Access to BESTdose (Electronic Medication System)
  4. Use of Prescription Medication Charts, eliminating the need for 95% of prescriptions
  5. 24/7 emergency on call service
  6. Ability to service any Facility nationwide with a streamline system
  7. Medications are packaged onsite at our pharmacies and NOT at a packaging warehouse Model and thus allow later cut-off, and same day delivery for changes in medication packaging
  8. Streamline model across Facility Groups across Australia
  9. Partner Pharmacies are fully supported and trained ensuring Facilities are receiving a uniform service across all sites.
  10. Client Relationship and System Managers that regularly visit the Facility to perform audits, education and Accreditation support
  11. Client Relationship and System Managers perform regular audits at the Facility on Medication Management by auditing Medication Charts, DAA’s and storage