Electronic Tablet Counter Machines



Simply put the pills in the EV-Easy and it automatically calibrates itself for different shapes of pills and count them quickly and accurately. No more laboriously counting out individual doses; simply place all of the medications the patient needs to take in a single time-frame into the hopper and have a precise count of every pill of every type.

Its easy operation means minimal training is required to use the device, freeing up more skilled members of staff for patient consultation or instruction. Don’t lose hours in a day to administrative tasks that could be performed faster and more accurately by a machine; invest in the EV-Easy for your organisation and understand why so many pharmacies, long-term care centres and healthcare facilities have chosen automation for all of their pill counting needs.

Reduce wait times and increase the accuracy and precision of your dosing. Best Health Solution has provided automatic pill counter machines to hospitals, pharmacies, aged care centres and other institutions across the health care industry. We understand that working with larger volumes of medications and greater numbers of patients is no excuse for inaccurate – and potentially dangerous – dosing, so we make electronic capsule and pill counters accessible for more organisations in more places.

An affordable device in its own right, our tablet counting machine saves crucial man-hours, making your existing workforce more productive. You’ll save money in the long-term, being able to serve more patients and reduce wait-times at your pharmacy or get through medication distribution at your healthcare facility faster, freeing up time for your professional staff to better use their expertise in other areas.

Easily create complex drug regimens for individual patients composed of multiple different medications without laborious hand-counting. Serve your customers or your patients faster and more efficiently and watch their satisfaction increase.

Make the smart decision for your business and invest in the storage and packing systems available from Best Health Solutions. Backed by two decades of experience in medication management and administration, we help organisations across the country improve their productivity and efficiency, delivering a better service to the people in their care.